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There is not only a movie: Here's Spider-Man in REAL LIFE (video)

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  • Australian Dylan Pavson took part in the first season of the Australian sports-entertainment TV series - Ninja Warriors. In just 58 seconds he managed to overcome unimaginable obstacles.

    The Japanese martial arts inspired him to begin training.

    Why do they call him Yellow Spiderman? Watch the video and you will be clear:

    It is revealed why the soil is riddled with water

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  • For centuries, scientists have been convinced that the fingers on the hands and feet in the water are cluttered because the outer layer of the skin absorbs water and swells, but not so. Namely, the outer layer of the skin is firmly attached to the layer below and can not be expanded only.
    It is revealed why the soil is riddled with water
    This belief dates back to 1935, when scientists noticed that the toes on their feet or hands would not fester no matter how long they stood in the water if a certain nerve was damaged. Then they came to the conclusion that this is due to the reaction of the vegetative nervous system in the body that is in charge of the heartbeat, breathing ...

    Neurologists are now inclined to believe that it has an evolutionary background, that is, the fingers are cluttered, because they are better attached to the wet surface - easier to catch fish, they are more stable on wet surfaces, etc.

    In 2013, a series of research on the subject was conducted. In one study, volunteers were asked to capture wet and dry objects in two cases - if their fingers were wrinkled with water and if they were dry. With wobbly fingers they were much faster in collecting wet items by about 12 percent, reports Bright Side.

    They compared it with tires on a car. If the strips are deep enough, the tire will fit well with the surface. We all know what is the case with 'bald tires'.

    It's the same with your fingers. If they have a deeper pattern, the water will go through them and better adhere to the wet surface. The conclusion of the scientists is that the fingers in the water do not swell, but are reduced because of the blood vessels that stretch in them, so the skin is skinned.

    "High Treason": A film shot in 1929 predicted World War II and September 11 (video)

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  • There is no version of the film "High Treason" and the original announcement for the sound are stored at the British Film Institute, while the only copy of the sound version of the film in Alaska.

    In the twentieth century, there were numerous conspiracy theories, especially those in which, in one way or another, Hollywood and its film industry were involved.

    But for a film, unknown to most, many believe that the Second World War prophesied and September 11th.

    His name was "High Treason" and it was made in 1929.
    It is a science-fantastic film that was considered extremely important at that time, and today it is an essential part of the history of cinema,

    Later the second version was released - which was not there and had additional scenes.

    By this time, "Veleizdaja" became the first British sound film. However, the first version was not available and this version has survived over the years (successfully restored).

    For decades, there was a belief that there was no version of the movie available, and that the sound version was permanently lost. It all changed when a film collector from Washington found her in an archive.

    To his grief, he could not find people to help him get the tape back to its original state and store it properly.

    In the end, he sent the films to the Alaska Moving Image Preservation Association in Alaska, for he was convinced that the films were related to Alaska (it was estimated from the inscriptions on the boxes).

    The employed institutions were very surprised when they realized what they actually got. What's also interesting is that nobody knows very much (or does not understand) about the plot itself.

    The spectators are aware that the action takes place in the "futuristic" 1940, and describes the period when preparing the ground for the Second World War. The film is based on the drama of the pacifist writer, Noel Pemberton Biling, and not only predicts the bombing of civilians during that war, but also the terrorist bomb blown off by an American soliter.

    After restoring the film in Alaska and looking at it, a report on him was published.

    The story is as follows: The world is divided into two superpowers - the Kingdom of the Atlantic States (USA, Canada and Alaska) and the Federation of European States with Japan and China. There is also a so-called "peace league" - or counterweight to war criminals - it's part of the film, the Alaska report says - which is the best.

    The film was shot by Pemberton Biling's part in 1929, and the film was directed by Moris Elvi.

    The premiere was on October 9, 1929 at the trade fair, and went to the cinema a month later. The sound version was released in the USA on March 13, 1930.

    Surprisingly: A new type of blood vessels was discovered in the bone of a man

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  • German scientists from the University of Duisburg-Essen have found in the human body a previously unknown network of small blood vessels, which is found in bones and contributes to the rapid and efficient spread of blood and immune cells throughout the body, writes the newspaper "Sajens alert".
    Surprisingly: A new type of blood vessels was discovered in the bone of a man

    "It is truly surprising to find a new central anatomical structure that is not described in any textbook in the 21st century," said researcher, immunologist Matthias Guncer.

    In the experiment, scientists used a chemical called ethyl cinnamate on rodent bones to make them transparent, and then, using light fluorescence and X-ray microscopy, they managed to detect several hundred capillaries that they called transcortical blood vessels.

    According to researchers, the mouse can contain more than a thousand of these blood vessels, and through them pass more than 80 percent of arterial and 59 percent venous blood.

    The researchers conducted a similar experiment on a man, and Professor Guncer was a volunteer. Scientists discovered that there is a similar system in the human tube with a thicker blood vessel, although, according to researchers, further experiments are needed to determine their exact function.
    The paper points out that this discovery can explain how the drugs injected into the bone marrow help the spread of blood and immune cells.

    The discovery of previously unknown blood vessels in people's bones can lead to a re-structure of the structure and functions of the general anatomy carried by "Saints alert".

    Earlier biologists from Harvard discovered unusual channels linking the bone marrow to the brain tissue, which can explain how immune cells melt inside the inflammatory process.

    Do you know why the flamingos are constantly standing on one leg?

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  • What are the flamingos famous for? They are known by the color of their feathers (pink), but in virtually standing on one leg.

    Some scientists claim that they stand on one foot because they keep the heat of the body - they lose a lot less body heat once in the water than when they stand in the water with both legs.

    However, later there were new discoveries about this unusual phenomenon. Scientists Lena Ting and Yang-Hui Chiang studied about 20 flamingos and concluded that they do not have to use muscles at all to stand on one extremity - they are "in some way" locked and standing.

    Interestingly, it is even easier for them to stand on one leg, because when standing in two it is determined to use muscles.

    It's simply easy for them to stand on one foot than two, no matter how badly it sounds illogical to us.

    Scientists called this state the passive gravity mechanism of standing.

    A mysterious man claims to come from the future: Here's what the US predicts (video)

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  • Adam Archon claims that he came from the future, more precisely from 2045. He made some predictions to America. He says the United States will have the last president in the next decade and that it will be a woman, granddaughter Martin Luther King, who will be elected in the White House in 2030.

    Her name is Jolanda Rene King, now has ten years, and Archon claims she will be the best president in the history of the United States, reports Unilad.

    In March 2018, in a peaceful protest in Washington, she reminded her grandfather of the words he had spoken 55 years ago, saying, "I have a dream, which is enough, it's enough."

    - My grandfather dreamed that four of his children would not be judged by color, but by character. I have a dream, which is enough, it's enough. This should be a world without weapons. And the point, "she said then.

    For her speech, many have said that it is much more than some potential candidates can offer.
    Listen to his predictions:

    The skater raised his temperature with his costume (video)

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  • Aleksandra Stepanova surprised her fans with a skating performance, or a selection of costumes for performing an emotional spot at the European Championship.
    Slipping along the well-known Russian song The Candle was Burning Ale Pugachev, Stepanova and her partner Ivan Bukin presented the audience with a gentle and fascinating dash, convincingly acting lovers on the ice arena in Minsk.

    Attention of audiences and viewers on small screens attracted as much as due to the point, as well as due to the narrow and almost transparent costume, which underlined the Aleksandr's figure under the floodlights, RTS reports.

    Despite being not completely transparent, the choice of costumes caused a burning controversy on social networks and shared people. Some criticized it, claiming that it vulgarized the slippery point, while others praised the great performance, which brought them a silver medal.

    Scientists: Next year, a cure for cancer

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  • A team of Israeli scientists said it would probably develop a cancer medication next year, the Jerusalem Post reported.
    Scientists: Next year, a cure for cancer

    "We believe that in a year, we will be able to offer a ready-made cancer medicine. Our cure will be effective from the first day, it will last for several weeks and will have no side effects, or they will be minimal, and will cost less than other drugs on the market, "said Dan Aridor, the company's manager.

    Lek is called "mutato" and will use a combination of peptides that target cancer and toxins that will kill cancer cells. The treatment will be personalized and patients will be given a specific cocktail of medicines based on their type of cancer.

    In the village near Nuremberg, the sausage got its own hotel

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  • In Germany, a country of meat processing, the sausage has recently got its own hotel, in a village near Nuremberg, where the sausage is not only on the menu, but also on the walls, the agency Frans pres.

    The first hotel in the world dedicated to sausage, which is a vegetarian nightmare, is a dream come true for the German butcher Klaus Bebel. The building opened in September is increasingly attracting tourists from Europe.
    the sausage got its own hotel

    In a stone house, about 40 minutes drive from Nuremberg, the hotel offers seven rooms and two rooms for lectures and tasting sausages.

    Bebel, 48, said he had come up with the idea of ​​such a hotel in order to maintain local production of meat products that is facing increasing competition from industrial production.

    His family produces and sells 19th-century sausages. However, family production of meat products in the country known for meat enthusiasts is disappearing.

    The hotel is all in the sign of meat. At the entrance, snakes were hooked on hooks that look like kitchen knives, huge pig figures are on the toilet door, while soaps and pillows are in the form of sausages. The name of sausages is written in several languages ​​throughout the hotel.

    The hotel also offers sausage sausages for visitors who do not eat pork.

    Bebel, who says he loves life in the village, said with a smile that the Germans already know about sausages and beer and that it should also be offered to tourists.

    Strasbourg preserves the oldest wine in the world, from the Middle Ages

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  • In the basement of the old building of the hospital in Strasbourg, there is the oldest wine in the world kept in wooden barrels, broadcast by Radio France Bleu today.

    It is Alsatian white wine from 1472, he added, adding that scientists from Burgenland and Munich were testing wine and found that wine was degusted on very rare occasions, only three times.

    It was the first time in 1718 at the opening of the hospital building in Strasbourg, the second time in 1944 when the liberation of the city was celebrated, and the third time in 1976 during the celebration of the agreement on cooperation between Zurich and Strasbourg.

    In 2014, the wine was transferred to a stainless steel reservoir, and a year later it was returned to the wooden castle, where it could be preserved for the next 250 years.

    Frans ble on his site published photos of a huge wooden burette with medieval wine and the inscription of the year of production, 1472.

    Other details about this wine have not been announced.