Wednesday, 30 January 2019

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Do you know why the flamingos are constantly standing on one leg?

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  • What are the flamingos famous for? They are known by the color of their feathers (pink), but in virtually standing on one leg.

    Some scientists claim that they stand on one foot because they keep the heat of the body - they lose a lot less body heat once in the water than when they stand in the water with both legs.

    However, later there were new discoveries about this unusual phenomenon. Scientists Lena Ting and Yang-Hui Chiang studied about 20 flamingos and concluded that they do not have to use muscles at all to stand on one extremity - they are "in some way" locked and standing.

    Interestingly, it is even easier for them to stand on one leg, because when standing in two it is determined to use muscles.

    It's simply easy for them to stand on one foot than two, no matter how badly it sounds illogical to us.

    Scientists called this state the passive gravity mechanism of standing.


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