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"High Treason": A film shot in 1929 predicted World War II and September 11 (video)

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  • There is no version of the film "High Treason" and the original announcement for the sound are stored at the British Film Institute, while the only copy of the sound version of the film in Alaska.

    In the twentieth century, there were numerous conspiracy theories, especially those in which, in one way or another, Hollywood and its film industry were involved.

    But for a film, unknown to most, many believe that the Second World War prophesied and September 11th.

    His name was "High Treason" and it was made in 1929.
    It is a science-fantastic film that was considered extremely important at that time, and today it is an essential part of the history of cinema,

    Later the second version was released - which was not there and had additional scenes.

    By this time, "Veleizdaja" became the first British sound film. However, the first version was not available and this version has survived over the years (successfully restored).

    For decades, there was a belief that there was no version of the movie available, and that the sound version was permanently lost. It all changed when a film collector from Washington found her in an archive.

    To his grief, he could not find people to help him get the tape back to its original state and store it properly.

    In the end, he sent the films to the Alaska Moving Image Preservation Association in Alaska, for he was convinced that the films were related to Alaska (it was estimated from the inscriptions on the boxes).

    The employed institutions were very surprised when they realized what they actually got. What's also interesting is that nobody knows very much (or does not understand) about the plot itself.

    The spectators are aware that the action takes place in the "futuristic" 1940, and describes the period when preparing the ground for the Second World War. The film is based on the drama of the pacifist writer, Noel Pemberton Biling, and not only predicts the bombing of civilians during that war, but also the terrorist bomb blown off by an American soliter.

    After restoring the film in Alaska and looking at it, a report on him was published.

    The story is as follows: The world is divided into two superpowers - the Kingdom of the Atlantic States (USA, Canada and Alaska) and the Federation of European States with Japan and China. There is also a so-called "peace league" - or counterweight to war criminals - it's part of the film, the Alaska report says - which is the best.

    The film was shot by Pemberton Biling's part in 1929, and the film was directed by Moris Elvi.

    The premiere was on October 9, 1929 at the trade fair, and went to the cinema a month later. The sound version was released in the USA on March 13, 1930.


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