Wednesday, 30 January 2019

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It is revealed why the soil is riddled with water

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  • For centuries, scientists have been convinced that the fingers on the hands and feet in the water are cluttered because the outer layer of the skin absorbs water and swells, but not so. Namely, the outer layer of the skin is firmly attached to the layer below and can not be expanded only.
    It is revealed why the soil is riddled with water
    This belief dates back to 1935, when scientists noticed that the toes on their feet or hands would not fester no matter how long they stood in the water if a certain nerve was damaged. Then they came to the conclusion that this is due to the reaction of the vegetative nervous system in the body that is in charge of the heartbeat, breathing ...

    Neurologists are now inclined to believe that it has an evolutionary background, that is, the fingers are cluttered, because they are better attached to the wet surface - easier to catch fish, they are more stable on wet surfaces, etc.

    In 2013, a series of research on the subject was conducted. In one study, volunteers were asked to capture wet and dry objects in two cases - if their fingers were wrinkled with water and if they were dry. With wobbly fingers they were much faster in collecting wet items by about 12 percent, reports Bright Side.

    They compared it with tires on a car. If the strips are deep enough, the tire will fit well with the surface. We all know what is the case with 'bald tires'.

    It's the same with your fingers. If they have a deeper pattern, the water will go through them and better adhere to the wet surface. The conclusion of the scientists is that the fingers in the water do not swell, but are reduced because of the blood vessels that stretch in them, so the skin is skinned.


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