Wednesday, 30 January 2019

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Surprisingly: A new type of blood vessels was discovered in the bone of a man

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  • German scientists from the University of Duisburg-Essen have found in the human body a previously unknown network of small blood vessels, which is found in bones and contributes to the rapid and efficient spread of blood and immune cells throughout the body, writes the newspaper "Sajens alert".
    Surprisingly: A new type of blood vessels was discovered in the bone of a man

    "It is truly surprising to find a new central anatomical structure that is not described in any textbook in the 21st century," said researcher, immunologist Matthias Guncer.

    In the experiment, scientists used a chemical called ethyl cinnamate on rodent bones to make them transparent, and then, using light fluorescence and X-ray microscopy, they managed to detect several hundred capillaries that they called transcortical blood vessels.

    According to researchers, the mouse can contain more than a thousand of these blood vessels, and through them pass more than 80 percent of arterial and 59 percent venous blood.

    The researchers conducted a similar experiment on a man, and Professor Guncer was a volunteer. Scientists discovered that there is a similar system in the human tube with a thicker blood vessel, although, according to researchers, further experiments are needed to determine their exact function.
    The paper points out that this discovery can explain how the drugs injected into the bone marrow help the spread of blood and immune cells.

    The discovery of previously unknown blood vessels in people's bones can lead to a re-structure of the structure and functions of the general anatomy carried by "Saints alert".

    Earlier biologists from Harvard discovered unusual channels linking the bone marrow to the brain tissue, which can explain how immune cells melt inside the inflammatory process.


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